Dr Muhammad Arshad Islam

Professor at Department of Computer Science, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad

 Dr Muhammad Arshad Islam completed his PhD in March 2011 from University of Konstanz, Germany.

Dr. Muhammad Aleem

Professor at Department of Computer Science, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad

Dr Muhammad Aleem completed his PhD in July 2012 from University of Innsbruck Austria.

Dr. Muhammad Azhar Iqbal

Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China

Dr Muhammad Azhar Iqbal completed his PhD in 2012 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan, P.R. China.

Dr. Subhan Ullah

Assistant Professor , Ph.D (Computer Science/IT) University of Klagenfurt/University of Genoa, Italy

Dr. Subhan Ullah is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES), Islamabad, Pakistan. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science/IT (April 2019) from the University of Klagenfurt, Austria in collaboration with the University of Genoa, Italy, under an Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program for Interactive and Cognitive Environments (EMJD-ICE). As the recipient of European Union IDEAS scholarship, he also studied two semesters of Joint International Master (JIM) in Computer Science (Dec 2014) at the University of Applied Science, Darmstadt, Germany. He received MS (Computer Science) degree from International Islamic University Islamabad (March 2013) and BS (Computer Science) degree from the University of Malakand, Dir (Lower), Pakistan (August 2008).

His research focuses on lightweight security and data protection techniques for the smart Internet of Things (IoT) applications. His current research interests include lightweight cryptography-based security and data protection techniques for loT applications, security/ privacy of smart cameras and Visual Sensor Networks, Security of embedded devices, loT security, and Cybersecurity.


Current Students

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Ms. Anab Batool

PhD Computer Science

KNowmetrics Network Embeddings for Knowledge Items

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Ms. Sana

PhD Computer Science

Malware Analysis


Name Thesis Title Semester Completed Degree
Dr. Altaf Hussain Application-Aware Load-Balanced Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing Fall 2020 PhD
Dr. Yasir Noman Khalid High Performance Job Scheduler for Heterogeneous CPU/GPU Architecture Fall 2020 PhD
Dr. Rafi Ullah On the Effectiveness of Private Information Retrieval Protocols Fall 2020 PhD
Dr. Mohib Ullah ObSecure Logging: A Distributed Approach to Preserve Privacy In Private Web Search Retrieval Fall 2020 PhD
Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman Khan Exploring Temporal specificity and Determining Focus time of News Articles Fall 2019 PhD
Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim SIM-Cumulus: A Large-Scale Network-Simulation-as-a-Service Spring 2019 PhD
Abdul Samad Alvi Citation Recommendation in Citation Network. Spring 2019 MS
Sana Aurengzeb A Machine Learning Based Hybrid Approach to Classify and Detect Windows Ransomware Summer 2018 MS
Usman Ahmed Resource Aware Heterogeneous Scheduling Summer 2018 MS
Wajid Shah Cardiovascular and Chronic Respiratory Diseases Predication System for Caregivers and Medical Experts Spring 2017 MS
Ayeza Zubair Prediction of h-index and its variants using centrality metrics on paper citation network Spring 2018 MS
Farah Shahid Dentifying the Impact of Supervision and Association based Parameters for Researcher's Ranking Spring 2018 MS
Sehar Maqsood Evaluation of Homogeneous Graph Indices to Rank Authors Spring 2017 MS
Afifa Maryam Malware Classification Spring 2017 MS
Fauzia Jabeen Twitter User's Ranking Using Tweet Content Quality Fall 2017 MS
Nakshab Hussain Underwater routing protocols for sensor networks Summer 2015 MS
Tayyaba Sahar Product ranking using sentiment analysis Spring 2015 MS
Ayesha Noreen Twitter User's Ranking Using Tweet Content Quality Spring 2015 MS
Badri Munir Performance Analysis of Java Parallel Platform using Barnes-Hut Algorithm Fall 2017 MS
Furqan Ahmed Analysis of DTN routing protocol using ETX metric for forwarding Summer 2014 MS